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Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles

MMCC LA is OPEN to the public every day of the year during daylight hours.

Animal viewing and parking — ALWAYS FREE.

This year, Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles has treated more than 350 injured pinnipeds rescued right here in our backyard from Santa Monica Bay, Malibu, Long Beach & the Ports.

That’s 7 per week!

We serve all Los Angeles County beaches

Since 1992, MMCC Los Angeles has served Los Angeles County by providing in house medical care to the more than 8,000 injured or sick seals and sea lions stranded on the 70 miles of beaches from Malibu to Seal Beach.  Our goal is to rehabilitate and release these animals back to their ocean homes.  

Our mission is important to the health and safety of all of Los Angeles County beachgoers because there are no protected beaches where sick or injured seals or sea lions can rest and heal away from people.   MMCC Los Angeles is the only 24/7/365 safe haven for these animals in Los Angeles County.  Our non-profit rehabilitation center survives only by the support of kind patrons like you.  

We all share this ocean planet.  

Help us

help them

get home.

As a nonprofit hospital, we need you to support our ocean conservation efforts for another 10,000 days by visiting our page on ways you can help and learning how you can aid stranded seals and sea lions get better and get home!

You Can Help!


Celebrity Ambassador/Mammal Dr. Peter Weller’s call to action. To see our other Celebrity Ambassadors’ messages, click here.

MMCC LA is a non-profit year round hospital in Los Angeles for Seals and Sea lions, and it is financially dependent upon generous donations from individuals like you.  

Your contribution will provide operating expenses to help sick and injured pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) and return them back to their natural environment. Every dollar of your tax-deductible gift goes to MMCC LA.

Our Federal Tax ID is #47-5249182

Visit our new website at