Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles

Last year alone, Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles treated almost 275 rescued animals right here in our backyard on beaches from north of Zuma to Seal Beach!

That’s five a week!

You Can Help!
Fishing line, plastics and algae blooms can wreak havoc on our pup season here in the Los Angeles area between March and June.

While animals of any age can find themselves subject to harm from malnutrition, infectious diseases, parasites, toxins and traumatic injuries throughout the year, pup season is a crucial time for their survival. Our hospital can quickly find itself overwhelmed during the spring with the rescues of these creatures during their most fragile months.

These protected marine mammals are in urgent need of food, medical care and shelter – which we provide 365 days a year, and we are only able to do it thanks to the amazing support of people like you!

MMCC Los Angeles functions 100% on donations and memberships from individuals, foundations and local businesses.

Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles is a nonprofit that rehabilitates and releases, sick, injured, and malnourished seals and sea lions, and promotes the preservation of marine mammals through education, research and partnerships.
You can help!