Center For Marine Studies

The Los Angeles Unified School District Center for Marine Studies at MMCC LA offers a number of science enrichment classes for grades K-12.  All of the topics presented are driven by the 1998 Science Content Standards for California.

Grades K-4
These students are introduced to the basic concepts of the utilization of the sun’s energy and its importance to all living organisms within the given ecosystem. This is followed by an introduction to the concept of food chains and webs within the marine ecosystem and how they affect particular marine mammals.

Grades 5-8
Students in grades 5-8 are exposed to the physical and biological factors that affect the survival of the marine mammals along our local California coast. The physiology of sea lions and their general morphology are discussed to indicate how natural selection operates in a marine ecosystem.

Grades 9-12
The presentation at the senior high level (grades 9-12) will be dependent upon the specific grade level and the subject in which the students are enrolled (biology, marine biology, and environmental science).  The material presented deals with the structure and function of MMCC as it relates to the general health and survival of the marine mammals that inhabit the Southern California coast.

Students are exposed to the impact of man on the marine environment. The types of physical injuries marine mammals suffer are presented along with the treatments provided by MMCC. Examples of these injuries include shark attacks, monofilament line and gillnet entanglements, propeller strikes, gunshot wounds, and bacterial and viral diseases.

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