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Certificate of Support Helper! Thank You!
Certificate of Support Helper! Thank You!
Thank you Bryn!
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Are you a student looking for a fun way to earn community service hours?  Volunteering for Marine Mammal Care of Los Angeles is a great way to help with the rehabilitation of a sick, malnourished or injured seal or seal lion and at the same time, earn those important service hours!

The hospital requires supplies ranging from urgent care needs such as high efficiency laundry detergent and fish oil capsules to animal care items such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C tablets (non-chewable). These are just a few of the dozens of items needed every day off the year.

MMCC LA also hosts educational events and activities both on and off-site throughout the year. Fliers and banners are often used throughout communities in which our events are held. These promotional materials are vital to the success of these educational and fundraising activities.

As a community service volunteer, you will help collect donations on our hospital supply list and help us promote events and educational activities.

New Program! 

Share Certificates of Support & Obtain Contact Information for New Supporters

Your contribution will help seals and sea lions heal from their injuries and illness!  How?

As more people in Los Angeles learn of our hospital & the precious marine mammals we serve, more people will donate cash and supplies to feed, house and provide medical care to an average of 300 new seals and sea lions every year.

Instructions for 10 hours of service credit – 5 Easy Steps

1. Obtain a “Certifikit”

Register for your Certifikit online here. It includes 20 certificates of support, 1 black sharpie, sheet of glue dots, 20 general brochures, and one certificate with your name on it

2. Identify & Meet

Identify and meet in person 20 different individuals or businesses that will give you their name AND either a street address or an email address.

3. Award All Certificates

On each certificate, write the name of the person/business, the date, and deliver it

4. Snap A Photo

Take a photo of each person holding the certificate OR displaying it at home or place of business

5. Record & Report

Fill out your community service reports online at or email scanned report sheets to

    (a) The list of 20 names with street addresses and/or email addresses

    (b) The 20 digital photos of people holding or displaying the certificate

    (c) The photo of you holding your own certificate

Don’t Forget –  Send your school’s service hours form for MMCC LA to fill out; or, MMCC LA will provide a form.

For additional Certificate Project Hours:

How to get 10 more hours!

Get another packet of 20 certificates and repeat the process


Find 10 other students who need service hours – school, church, club – and arrange a date/time for MMCC LA to meet them as a group for training.

How to get 20 more hours!

Get another packet of 20 certificates and repeat the process,


Find 10 other students who need service hours

How to get 30 more hours!

Get another packet of 20 certificates and repeat the process


Find 10 other school students who need service hours


Gather 20 items from our wish list to donate.

Community Service Flyer

Community Service Report Sheet


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