Guadalupe Fur Seal


Guadalupe Fur seals, like Northern Fur seals, are eared seals. They are classified as “Threatened” in terms of their conservation status and are seen less frequently than Northern Fur seals in California waters.

Adult (Average) Size: Male: 5’10” to 7’9”, 350 to 485 lbs.; Female: 4’6” to 5’6”, 88 to 120 lbs.
Habitat: Coastal, preferring rocky areas and caves/rookeries on land.
Range: Southern Gulf of California, Western Mexico, California (south of Farallon Islands) to Channel Islands. Breed on Guadalupe Island and possibly beyond. True range may be underestimated due to rarity of sightings.
Migratory Patterns: Long‑distance seasonal migrations
Social Organization During Breeding: Colonial; similar to sea lions
Mating Behavior: Polygynous
Sexual Maturity: Unknown
Mating Season: Late June ‑ late July
Gestation Period: 11 ‑ 12 months (with delayed implantation)
Pupping Season: June ‑ July (peak pupping season: June)
Size at Birth: About 2 ft.
Lactation (Nursing) Period: 8 to 9 months
Usual Diet: Squid, lantern fish, mackerel, rockfish
Amount of Food per Day: Thought to be 10-20% of body weight
Predators: Possibly great white sharks
Diving Depth: Appear to feed at a depth of about 65 ft.
Submersion Times: Average about 2-3 minutes
Longevity: Average lifespan for most pinnipeds is estimated to be from 15 to 25 years
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