Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles offers hands-on, 10-week Husbandry Training opportunities to undergraduate college students, college graduates, veterinary students and other individuals age 18 years and older.  This is a highly specialized opportunity to learn how a hospital for seals and sea lions provides medical care, housing and food to seals and sea lions in distress.  Training will come from our veterinary staff, husbandry managers and shift leaders, and seasoned volunteers.  This invaluable training can inspire people to seek a career in a veterinary or related field.

All 2019 positions have been filled.

To inquire about being placed on the wait list for additional openings, email: hstambaugh [@]

2019 Husbandry Training Program Openings

10 weeks @ 30 hours/week

Mid-Jan – FILLED

Mid-Feb – FILLED

Mid-Mar – FILLED

Mid-Apr – FILLED

Mid-May – FILLED

4th Year Veterinary Students

March – FILLED

April – OPEN

May – OPEN

There is no financial compensation for this training opportunity, and there is no cost to participate in this program. Husbandry Training participants are responsible for their own transportation, housing and medical insurance.

For students who hope to earn university credit, it is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain permission from their school and make all arrangements.  The credit opportunity must be disclosed to MMCC LA, including any specialized requirements unique to the school, and must be arranged prior to accepting a position in the 10-week training program.

Participants will be exposed to a wide variety of tasks involved with rehabilitating seals and sea lions. In addition to husbandry activities, participants may be asked to assist with facility maintenance projects that are necessary to maintain a safe environment for our patients.

Click here to read more about this volunteer internship opportunity [link to position description]. To apply for this incredible opportunity, complete an application:

More Information on the Husbandry Training Program Volunteer Intern

Please send an email to hstambaugh [@] marinemammalcare [.] org for questions or to obtain further information.

Thank you.

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