Mobile Visitor Center

What is the Mobile Visitors Center?

The Mobile Visitors Center is a walk-through exhibit for all ages. It is an opportunity for our community to learn about the unique work we do at Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles.

The Mobile Visitors Center is great for a variety of events, from fairs and festivals, to corporate or private parties. The MVC is able to travel across LA county, and can tailor the experience to different audiences.

Visitors walk through the truck, learning about our seal and sea lion patients and their experiences at our hospital. Learn why these animals are in need of rescue, how we rehabilitate them, and watch their release back to their ocean home. Our staff can teach you the differences between seals and sea lions, inform you about the dangers these animals can face in the wild, and what you can do to promote ocean conservation. Our Mobile Visitor Experience isn’t limited to the interior of the truck. Outside the truck, visitors will continue their learning experience through games and interactive activities.

Educational Partnerships Available!
Our Mobile Visitors Center provides K-12 educational activities as a during or after-school program. By bringing our Mobile Visitors Center to the school, we are providing this unique, educational opportunity to students from school districts that are underserved and cannot afford to come to MMCC LA for a field trip.

Educational Program Goals:
  • To provide educational opportunities to underserved communities;
  • To educate community members about marine mammals; and
  • To bring our Mobile Visitor’s Center to K-12 students, fairs, events, and festivals.
Exhibits include: 
  • About seals and sea lions – Types of pinnipeds (California Sea Lion, Harbor Seals, Elephant Seals), vocalization examples
  • Human Impacts – Before and after injury examples, plastic ingested by animals, bullets/fishing nets, pollution, marine protected areas
  • MMCC LA – About MMCC LA, history, programs, and ways to volunteer

The MVC was completed in late 2017 with a grant from the Robert Sprague Foundation.

To book the Mobile Visitor Center for your upcoming event, email

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