Northern (Alaska) Fur Seal


Northern Fur Seals are eared seals, named for their dense, insulating underfur. Outside of the mating season, these seals are great ocean travelers.

Adult (Average) Size: Male: 6’3″ to 7’3”, 330 to 600 lbs.; Female: 3’8″ to 5′, 84 to 150 lbs.
Habitat: Most of the year at sea, coming to rocky and sandy beaches to breed in summer.
Range: Arctic Ocean to Southern California in winter. Summers on Pribilof Islands in Bering Sea and San Miguel islands off the California coast (Rookeries: Pribilof, Commander, and San Miguel). Not commonly seen along the coast in the Southern California area due to their pelagic lifestyle. They spend most of their time in deep waters far offshore.
Migratory Patterns: Long‑distance seasonal migrations
Social Organization During Breeding: Colonial; extremely large groups
Mating Behavior: Polygynous
Sexual Maturity: Male: 5 years; Female: 3 to 7 years
Mating Season: Late June ‑ late July
Gestation Period: 11 ‑ 12 months (3 months delayed implantation)
Pupping Season: June ‑ July (peak pupping season: Mid‑June to mid‑July)
Size at Birth: 2 ft. (10 lbs. to 15 lbs.)
Lactation (Nursing) Period: 4 to 5 months
Usual Diet: Squid, herring, pollack and lantern fish
Amount of Food per Day: Juvenile: 5 lbs. to 8 lbs.; Adults: 10 lbs. to 30 lbs.
Predators: Orcas, great white sharks, and Stellar Sea Lions (feed on pups)
Diving Depth: On average they can dive 68 ft. and have been recorded to dive to depths of 600 ft.
Submersion Times: Average about 7 minutes
Longevity: Average lifespan for most pinnipeds is estimated to be from 15 to 25 years
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