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Seal Day

A family-friendly opportunity for residents and guests in San Pedro, the Los Angeles Harbor and the South Bay to visit our sea lion hospital with their family and friends.  Visitors have the rare opportunity to view seals and sea lions as they rehabilitate from their injuries or illness, browse the history exhibits in our visitors center, buy souvenirs in the gift shop, make donations to support our hospital work, learn how to volunteer, and take selfies with our Sea Lion Barker characters.  Festivities include exhibitors from a wide range of community organizations, live music, food trucks, and games for kids.  This year we’ve added a brand new comic-anime pavilion with comic book related vendors and people dressed in cosplay outfits throughout the event.  In a nutshell, Seal Day is the one day per year that if you haven’t visited MMCC Los Angeles, be sure to come on Seal Day.  Parking and animal viewing are admission free.  Some exhibits may contain a nominal fee to support our hospital.

Flip Flop Event

A flip flop event is a fundraising party at restaurant/bar, business, personal residence or community center.  The venue provides space for MMCC Los Angeles to display educational materials, and the owner and MMCC Los Angeles determine how music, food and drink are provided.  In some cases a live band or musical improve group can be hired.  In other cases a fun speaker can entertain, or guests can enjoy a themed movie.  Ultimately, guests at a flip flop event will have a great time while they learn about the seals and sea lions we treat at MMCC Los Angeles, and how guests can support our vital mission.    


The goal of an annual gala party is to provide a high end entertainment, food and drink venue for MMCC Los Angeles supporters to celebrate achievements toward our mission. The gala is also a chance for MMCC Los Angeles to highlight the generous sponsors who can meet each other and enjoy the festivities.  Our first gala was held at the Marriott Marina Del Rey, and the 2nd Gala will be held at the same venue on October 13, 2018 from 5:00-9:00 p.m.

Supply Drive / Hospital Supplies for Seals

The goal of the Hospital Supplies for Seals Day is to attract new visitors to the sea lion hospital with a donation of paper towels, laundry and dish soap, nitrile gloves, bleach disinfectant, vitamins, etc. that are vital to rehabilitating seals and sea lions year-round.  The day includes food, live music, animal viewing, selfies with Sea Lion Barker characters, and games for kids.  Visitors can mingle with each other in a very fun and casual event that offers a chance to sit and chat with others at the animal viewing area, visitors center, or outside with music.  This also offers a chance for visitors to see how a similar supplies drive can be organized in their community at a school, grocery store or community center.  

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