Volunteer Resources

Information for current MMCC volunteers

To complement your hands on experience, MMCC has an official printed Volunteer Manual that is required reading. You should plan to complete an initial read within the first month of volunteering. There are hard copies located in MMCC’s break area for reference while in-house. Or, you may view online by clicking on the link below.

(*The password may be obtained from MMCC’s Director of Operations.)

MMCC Volunteer Manual – link coming soon

Additional volunteer information:

  • For each area of involvement, specific information and safety skills are needed to perform the tasks.
  • Training is completed in-house, and is hands-on, under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.
  • Additionally, there are periodic “training sessions” offered to current volunteers.
  • These opportunities are posted in the volunteer break area.
  • Please direct questions to the Husbandry Manager, Husbandry Assistant or Education Coordinator.
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